The Science behind Stormproof

The Science behind Stormproof

Get scientific with Stormproof

A durable water repellent (DWR) coating keeps your garment working to the best of its ability, but the coatings do not last forever, and heavy use can make them wear off quickly.

When the DWR has worn off, your jacket will begin to absorb water and feel wet. This is called “wetting out”. It does not mean your waterproof jacket leaks, but it may feel that way while you’re wearing it. The inside of your jacket might feel cold or damp and clammy without a DWR to prevent the outside fabric from absorbing water. At this point, the breathability of your jacket may well be compromised and you might feel condensed moisture on the inside of the jacket.

If your rainwear “wets out” on a trip may be unpleasant, but it doesn’t mean you need to buy a whole new jacket. StormProof DWR can be easily reapplied and the garment will be transformed to its original performance once again. Wash it and rinse in clean water then apply StormProof and leave to air dry. Gentle warming or tumble drying will improve repellency.

StormProof Durable Water Repellent

‣ Water Based.

‣ Spray on or Wash In.

‣ Air Dry or Tumble Dry.

‣ Repels Water, Oil and Soil.

‣ PFOA and PFOS Free

Use for:
Outdoor Clothing, Horse Rugs, Car Soft Roof Fabric, Breathable Fabrics, Tents & Luggage, Ski/Over trousers, Hats, Gloves, Umbrellas

250ml bottle • 1 Litre Bottle • 5 Litre Jerrycan • 25 Litre Barrel

The science

As StormProof dries on a fabric it leaves a very thin layer of active chemical over the fibres. This dramatically increases the difference in surface tensions between the fibres and the water droplet.

This creates a high contact angle on the droplet. The treated surface has a chemistry which is hydrophobic (it repels water) so the water drop rolls off, leaving the fabric dry and breathable.

Particles of dirt often lie loosely on the surface and as the droplets of water roll off the fabric the dirt particles are picked up by the droplet and carried away. So StormProof also has the added benefit of repelling dirt and oil too.

StormProof works well on most materials:

‣ All technical fabrics.

‣ Nylon fabrics.

‣ Synthetic and Coated fabrics.

‣ Leather and Natural materials.

‣ Canvas / Tarpaulins.

‣ Wood / Masonry.

The fluorine polymer chemistry used in StormProof DWR exhibits extraordinarily low surface tension. Solid surfaces coated by StormProof resist not only water-soluble liquids (such as water, coffee, or milk) but also highly-active and aggressive liquids such as oil, alcohol, and petrol.

Fluorinated water/oil repellent agents are recognized as superior to wax or silicone agents because of their superior stability and durability in real-world conditions.

The bottom image shows how the dried hyper branched polymers in StormProof DWR coating works on an individual fibre.

Do not put StormProof in your eyes or breathe in the aerosol spray. StormProof contains no PFOA, PFOS or APEO.


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