How To Fix A Trampoline Mat [VIDEO]

How To Fix A Trampoline Mat [VIDEO]

Stormsure adhesives are highly abrasion resistant and flexible.

Making them perfect for repairing things that would be otherwise impossible with super glue, in this case – trampolines.

Watch this fast DIY fix which uses 5 grams of Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive and 2 TUFF Tape patches to learn how you can prevent further damage from occurring due to small holes in your trampoline (or other woven fabrics).

The Stormsure Trampoline Repair Kit contains everything you need to create durable, waterproof and flexible repairs to rips in your rugs. Don’t wait – buy yours today!

See also – Stormproof Durable Water Repellent for keeping your trampoline mats dry and warm. It also works great on jackets!


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