Repair Solutions with Stormsure

Repair Solutions with Stormsure

Quick and easy Repairs with lasting results

Do you want to stop paying high prices for inflatable repairs?

Do you want to stop losing revenue because your inflatables must be sent away for lengthy repair work?

Do you want a quick, easy and long-lasting solution to wear and tear on your inflatables?

Stormsure is the answer!

Stormsure offers a full range of products that can be used to repair and maintain your inflatables, offering both quick temporary on-the-fly fixes and long-term repair solutions.

Our flagship products are the TUFF Tapes and the Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesives.

Both the products use a moisture-curing polyurethane (MCPU) that sticks to almost any material and works particularly well with PVC, vinyl and nylon used for the surfaces of inflatables.

Both the products produce a hard and durable layer of protection over the damaged area, yet they leave the area still flexible enough to move with the material it is adhered to, making it suitable for use on surfaces which require a hardy yet slightly pliable repair, such as an inflatable where surfaces move during use.


The adhesive comes in a number of different sized tubes and can be applied to fill holes or stick together surfaces where there are rips or tears.

The adhesive begins in a liquid form similar to other glues, but with exposure to the moisture in the air, it becomes hard and resilient making it extremely difficult to tear, rip or stretch.

stormsure glueThe glue can be used in a number of different ways:

1. To fill holes – if the bouncy castle has been pierced by something sharp causing a hole, for example by a high heel, the glue has the unique function of being able to fill holes. Place packing tape on one side of the hole and cover the hole with the glue covering the around 50mm over the edges on all sides of the hole. Remove the tape when the glue is dry and the glue will hold the hole closed.

2. To mend rips or tears – put glue on one side of the rip or tear and then stick into the other edge of the tear. Use something to hold the two edges together tightly like a clip until dry.

3. To provide a protective layer over the surfaces that are worn – one of our customers paints the glue over the inside of his bouncy castles to provide a protective layer to prevent and protect against damage.

The adhesive offers long-term repairs that will last many years. The adhesive takes 10-12 hours to adhere totally so it is a repair to be performed when the inflatable is not in use.

TUFF TAPEtufftapelogo

Our TUFF Tape is a clear tape like a slightly flexible plastic film that can be applied to cover any small hole, rip or tear. It can be stuck straight onto the damaged area if it is clean and will adhere immediately if pressed down thoroughly. 

tuff tape

It is extremely difficult to rip, stretch or puncture the tape. It acts as a protective barrier against any further damage.

The TUFF Tape is sold in different sizes and shapes to accommodate any damage you encounter. We do multi-patch sets with a selection of different size patches, from small round patches for little puncture holes to long rectangular patches for long rips. We also do longer pieces of tape and a pack of a number of 75mm round patches.

This ensures you can perform an instant fix to any sized repair you are faced with when out and about hiring your inflatables.

All in all, the Stormsure products offer a reliable and sturdy fix to damage caused to your inflatables, saving you money and time.


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