Polyurethane glue otherwise referred to as PU adhesive, is used in situations that demand extremely high durability. The degree of elasticity offered allows for use for static as well as for more tactile bonding purposes. These adhesive types are formulated from polymers and commonly have a variety of other types of additives in them too.

The Science

In the case of polyurethane adhesive – also known as PU adhesive – this means that the liquid glue will become rigid when exposed to air at room temperature. When polyurethane adhesive sets, it absorbs the energy in heat to power a chemical reaction and create a very high strength bond.

Polyurethane adhesive commonly finds usage as a dual-component adhesive, but it can be found in single-component varieties as well. Either relies on the reactivity of several chemical agents for the adhesive properties, which can often make use of a catalyst like moisture, light, or heat in the process. The adhesive oft