NEW PVC and Vinyl Repair Kit


Stormsure is happy to introduce our BRAND NEW PVC and Vinyl Repair Kit.

This repair kit can be used for many different types of repairs, for example on ribs, kayaks, canoes, bounce houses, waterslides, inflatable spas, air beds, hot tubs and many more....

This great repair kit contains 3 tubes of specialist heavy duty PVC Adhesive plus 3 commercial grade vinyl patches 130mm x 80mm in size.

With simple application, you'll have your item fixed in no time at all!


1. Exhaust the inflatable product fully, clean the air leakage area completely and remove all dirt.

2. Take out the repair patch, pay attention that the patch should be a few centimetres larger than the broken area. Round the edges of the patch because corners are more likely to catch and peel.

3. Apply the repair glue on the air leakage area and bottom of the repair piece evenly.

4. Stick the repair patch with the glue side to the damaged area, press with a blunt tool vigorously. Keep an even pressure over the patch while the solvent evaporate and the glue cures. So a flat object with a weight pressing down would be ideal.

5. Apply a little glue around the edges of repair patch after 12 hours (not always necessary).

6. The repair is complete after 24 hours. The damaged product is revitalised!


How to make a Repair using a PVC patch and Adhesive