TUFF Tape Self Adhesive Waterproof Repair Patches 5-Pack 75mm

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Content5 patches of Stormsure TUFF Tape Adhesive Patches (Circular - 75mm diameter).
Typical uses

Auvents, auvents, tentes, lits gonflables et matelas gonflables, canoës gonflables, bâches pour étangs et jouets de plage, plastique fissuré, vêtements de plein air tels que les vestes de randonnée et les manteaux et pantalons imperméables.

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About Stormsure

Stormsure Ltd is a British business making and selling special products that are used for repairing and maintaining a huge range of household, industrial and outdoor sporting items. We help you to save money. Rather than replacing leaking shoes, wetsuits and tents, you can make your own repairs which will last for years. Our products are for consumer, trade and industrial use. These include tapes, repair kits and adhesives which are used for the manufacture and the repair industries and by a large number of consumers. We sell mainly through wholesale distributors but you can purchase our products directly from this website.

Stormsure is the main brand from Stormsure Ltd. Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive is the Flagship product and where Stormsure begin it's journey 20 years ago. Stormsure Flexible repair Adhesive is our very own formula which works differently to almost all other adhesives on the market today. It's polyurethane composition and moisture curing properties make it completely waterproof, extremely durable and very very strong making it the perfect solution for almost any repair!

Now supplied in Clear, Black, Khaki and White and in a range of sizes.

Some uses for our products include but are not limited to:

  • Wetsuit & Drysuit repair and maintenance
  • Mending garden ornaments 
  • Woodworks
  • Tent repair
  • Waterproofing for nylon based surfaces
  • Sealing tent seams
  • Patching waders
  • Wellington Boot repair
  • Horse rug repair
  • Home and Garden (Hot tubs and Trampolines)
  • Watersports

About Neoprene Queen

Fast drying black contact adhesive suitable for all neoprene items.
Neoprene Queen Contact Adhesive will repair rips on neoprene wetsuits in minutes. The edges of a tear can be glued back together, often without a patch. Or you can glue a patch over a hole. Apply glue to both surfaces that will be bonded and leave for 5 minutes until dry. Repeat. Then carefully align the surfaces and press them together firmly. Bonding is instant.