I have a 1924 Trojan car that has a top speed of 34 MPH and I needed to get it to an event in Tewkesbury which is a 5 hour drive away by 10am. I thought that I would save time by hiring someone with a transporter to take it there and I would drive it back. When they arrived, instead of a proper van, they arrived with a Range Rover & trailer. I had left the hood up on the Trojan and on the way down the motorway, the 50 year old hood suddenly snapped back, tearing the fabric very badly and splitting the wooden frame. I feared that the damage would cost me the best part of £1,000 to repair.

Back home I managed to repair the wooden hood frame with a waterproof wood glue but I was in despair about the hood material which needed to be re-covered, as it had 3 large tears to the ancient fabric. I would need to find a specialist to do this, someone with the necessary skill to re-cover the hood on a very rare 95 year old car, which would need to be off the road for some time while the repair was done.

Looking on the internet I came across the product Stormsure and I found a youtube clip of a repair being carried out to similar material. I thought that it was worth a try and I sent for some. Looking at the long jagged tears in the material I was very doubtful that a repair could be achieved especially as the damage passed through some of the fixings of the hood, and I had never used Stormsure before.

I followed the instructions and to my utter amazement I was able to carry out a very professional looking repair. The repaired hood material is now stronger than it was before the damage occurred, and I have been using the hood for almost a year since I repaired it. The damage is almost un-detectable and this product has saved me no end of trouble and a whole lot of expense. I cannot recommend it highly enough. This is a superb product and I would not be without it.

Roger, Surrey