About Stormsure...

Stormsure Ltd is a British business making and selling special products that are used for repairing and maintaining a huge range of household, industrial and outdoor sporting items. We help you to save money. Rather than replacing leaking shoes, wetsuits and tents, you can make your own repairs which will last for years. Our products are for consumer, trade and industrial use. These include tapes, repair kits and adhesives which are used for the manufacture and the repair industries and by a large number of consumers. We sell mainly through wholesale distributors but you can purchase our products directly from this website.


Some uses for our products include but are not limited to:

  • Wetsuit & Drysuit repair and maintenance

  • Mending garden ornaments 

  • Woodworks

  • Tent repair

  • Waterproofing for nylon based surfaces

  • Sealing tent seams

  • Patching waders

  • Wellington Boot repair

  • Horse rug repair


Our products can be found in the following outlets:

  • Many Online Stores
  • eBay and Amazon
  • Angling and Fishing Tackle
  • Camping and Outdoor
  • Marine Chandlery 
  • Hardware 
  • Diving and Surfing 
  • Shooting and Gun 
  • Shoe Repair 
  • Wetsuit and Drysuit manufacturers

*If our products are not available, please ask them to order some in for you.


Our customers are:

  • End users and Consumers
  • Shops and Retail Outlets
  • Wholesale distributors
  • Manufacturers 
*Please contact us if you want to resell our products - we are always looking for handlers and distributors worldwide!
Registered in England No. 2759004
VAT No. GB 599725272